It is a proposal for a snake rover, or artificial snake
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Fabrizio J Bonsignore
2012-06-21 07:51:12 UTC
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The picture is inspiration. A snake rover has some advantages. For
one, it is a time tested DESIGN, usable in barren land, water,
branched environments. For two, if properly implemented it is self
redundant and for an artificial implementation self correcting by
splitting and reassemblying. For three, It is divisible into more than
one rover if needed. For four, it can be coiled and compacted even for
big snakes, easily transportable. For five, it may include no outer
movable pieces, all junctures can be made internal save for receptors
and efectors. For six, snakes are able to move very quicly or very
slowly naturally, it is inherent in the form.

Snake brains are not so big, approach the size of birds more than
other small animal, so control ought to be ultimately simple and
simply consistent; without having to control complex gaits nor
indepent limbs coordination. I have already advanced this idea, to
mimic more natural muscular structures for machine design than simply
liineal movement like in cranes.

Shouldnt be hard to understand the secrets of snake muscularity and it
can be studied on many species, most abundant without fear of
extinction, to develop an artificial implementation.

This text should be more inspired but I insist that this city is a
hostile land lacking adequate medical care and detractors to these
texts have ways to use health attacks as their weapon. IT is getting a
toil not being paid attention to effectively. With a mimic
doppelganger rushing somewhere in the system, this text is as best
protection as implementing the idea privately, which is against their
convenience but much to mine.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-06-21 14:31:47 UTC
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One concern though would be the amount of energy it would spend as
compared to other forms of locomotion. Snakes spend long periods
resting (after eating). They also move very slowly save when preying.
Actually I would say snakes move at the speed of PROBES! A snake probe
might need more energy than, say, a six legged spider.

It would be a very biblical probe, too! Like in the tree of knowledge:
**>>>and the snake probe...**. Not my viewpoint but the parallelism
would be striking.

SF: the biblical snake went so famous because it was a probe from
outer space...

Oh, c mon, do not tell me now that you already have it! And it is
somewhere around but... (Nobody would be thinking of anything, right?)

Danilo J Bonsignore