Four Obama H1B slimebags indicted in U.S. over shipments to Iran, China
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Bill Steele
2012-12-24 05:19:28 UTC

(Reuters) - U.S. prosecutors on Wednesday announced indictments
over alleged efforts to ship carbon fiber, which can be used to
help enrich uranium, to Iran and China in violation of U.S. law.

Hamid Reza Hashemi and Murat Taskiran were charged with
participating in a scheme to sell carbon fiber to Iran, while
Amir Abbas Tamimi was charged with participating in a scheme to
export helicopter parts to Iran, according to grand jury
indictments made public on Wednesday.

A fourth defendant, Peter Gromacki of New York, was charged in a
separate indictment over alleged efforts to export carbon fiber
to customers in China.

Warren Penn
2012-12-24 20:08:23 UTC
American Eagle, only species that craps in it's own nest.