BLOOMBERG, not yet tired of The Fraud in your Open Toilet City?
(too old to reply)
Fabrizio J Bonsignore
2012-03-07 22:26:27 UTC
I was assaulted again, but it is not a random assault, it is the same
systematic assault by the same people who have been assaulting me and
I found holed in this city. This time it was my SUSHI and CHIPS and
one BOTTLE WITH LIQUID, but not the PIZZA SLICES in the bag.

I know it was the same people because it robbed me a CHURCH S
RESPONSORY MUSICAL REPERTOIRE I had planned so much these days to
transcribe I wrote a small language parser to capture it quickly and
process it; I did not even revise it, just found it and cannot
remember from what church it came from. But it did not take the
ECONOMETRICS BOOK I have in there with some paperwork.

I found the dirty socks out of the bag they were in for the laundy and
mixed with the rest of the stuff.

It stole the BOX and the CASE with the safety CAP for the Nintendo DSi
camera, but not the LENS itself.

It took six to eight or more DS GAME CARTRIDGES I had just bought, but
not the small MEMORY CARDS with pictures (?) in the same small bag in
my pocket, fixed with a safety pin. THEN I found three cartridges out
of place, one fell underneath me in the subway (!), another one was in
the inner pocket where I know cartridges can fall so I do not use it
for them. The last one was in another pocket and was definitely one
new one I have not even open but was in the bag in the pocket.

This time it did not take money, but LAST YEAR it was taking money off
me every month. Same person, same weakness, same place, under security
camera and nothing can stop it. I suspect the security camera was even
MOVES so that it no longer points at that place.

SAME PERSON, SAME THIEF, SAME PSYCHOPATH. I ve been assaulted grossly
in the same zone of Chambers St for THREE YEARS by the same anonymous
thief, same kind of incomplete thefts, but the police cannot
understand it has a PSYCHOPATH IN THEIR RANKS and all its neighbors in
that zone are suspicious of being REAL ESTATE INVADERS and not real
neighbors. Save for the thief.

I found the people I had trouble with because they are THIEVES came
from NYC. Went there from NYC and just keep assaulting me after this
CITY already assaulted me and worse.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-03-07 23:37:15 UTC
Is it still so DIFFICULT to understand the value of the software that
was stolen from me by THE CITY and how STUPID it is to grant thieves
and opportunists the STANDING derived from those contents so they can

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-03-09 05:59:01 UTC
I AM NOT A CLOSET for that people to play and take and leave things in
my pockets. I ahd already found I bought twice hame GoH so I SOLD back
one of the cartridges. Today I try to inventory again to see what is
missing and I find the cartridges and the GoH TWICE REPEATED. But I
cannot find FtA. It is not a game, it is MY BODY PRIVACY, but the NYPD
and its Sanitation Iranian **psychiatrist** think it is very funny to
just keep **controlling** their schizophrenias and schizoprhenics
within their own set of delusional arguments and partial mechanisms.

My two earphone pairs are also missing. I am not sure if they touched
any of the games I consider important. I just cannot keep
consciousness on for more than 36 hours, much less live withouut
sleeping. But they ONLY MANIFEST when I am asleep OR the place I am is
left alone. I complained several times: NO ONE CAN INVENTORY
CONSTANTLY, it is NO memory test as they have been going through since
they obstructed my toilet and woudl leave the window open for my cats
to fall down to the next floor, in 2002. Their test is MOOT, nothing,
a crime. I already defined APPROACHING A SLEEPING BODY as a TRAIT of

Then why is NYC Sanitation and Mental Health violenting the rights of
citizens and tourists alike by leaving so many mental cases roam the

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-03-09 06:00:47 UTC
RITUAL THEFT, SEMANTIC DYSFUNCTION, it is what this last asailment of
my person meant. And I am not sure it is not a woman who has been very

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J Bonsignore
2012-03-14 08:56:44 UTC
BLOOMBERG YOU ARE IMBECILIZED! Far Rockaway is CLOSED. Come out of the
subway. CLOSED. EVERYWHERE IT SAYS 24 HOURS A DAY. I need sea air and
hamburguer, but CLOSED. WHY do you have so many A-FREAK-As AROUND. MY
female could have survived if I have got a McDonalds job but YOU have

Renaming STREETS???? You know what it can DO?

My TWO earphones were STOLEN. From my pocket. Nobody minded my perfect
orthography... SEE THE IP,

Where is AMERICA????????????????????????????????????? Not in NYC.

Santorum, eh? And the WHITE HORSE?

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-03-16 00:59:18 UTC
What are these clowninesses by your blue men: **She was chained in
Chambers St but they say this man (I) is acting like a god**. What is
it to act like a god? When was the last time I told anyone to SEE THAT
STREET? What is the point of telling me anything like it? It is more
and more missing people.

I was assaulted again in the subway with the intent of being sickened.
I found my pocket opened but nothing was taken. It is enough to have
those Africans Rastahs approaching me to feel the afterattack sequels
of their assault. Of course I am missing games and things every week
little by little.

None of my issues has been settled. The MTA is still in the same
attitude and getting nothing out of it. It was not a piece of
hardware, it was and is still several future lives and what comes next
and that is why all that people are playing stupid to hide what they

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-03-16 18:27:32 UTC
Remember the policeman who heard a voice and threw onto the floor a
cyclist, killing him? Under TV cameras? In a parade? He would not
admit he heard a voice but I can **SEE** the phenomenon and already
explained it. The telepathic signal is real; the brain decodes it; the
signal bounces on normal people s heads; schizophrenics cannot
distinguish its origin (cf). That policeman heard a bounced signal
behind him AFTER the cyclist had passed not minding him and reacted
aggressively against the apparent source of the **voice**. Before it
was too late... push down.

How many voice hearers you have hired in the force? Very busy reducing
their voices?

Same with me, I was just passing by and am still falling down because
one policeman heard voices.

He did not mind the computer, the other computer, the other laptops,
the notes... everything duly reported to more than one police force
for nothing, though I can find the products later...

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-03-18 16:30:29 UTC
Take off myspace page that thief using syntotic. I opened the account,
I devised the nickname, I use it consistently, I find a mocking face
after I could no longer login. How many did he kill who tried to find
me there? Since when people think these texts are written but it? I
could not post any picture in that in site at the time.

Channel One aired the German cyclist attack because they could hear I
was watching them just right then. I have no way to know what they
would say if I am NOT WATCHING. You can see the policeman boing when
he *heard* and the cyclist smiling since he entered the camera til
being stamped against the floor. It is still half a mystery why I was
taken to a precinct precisely when I was calling people to say I had a
very valuable PORTFOLIO with me but was being chased by a Mexican
criminal group. People hear voices over my head when I sleep. I fell
asleep in the place waiting for anything to happen. I have no idea
what that policeman *HEARD* but was also very smiley when he gave me
the wrong hard drive. If I had not fallen asleep MAYBE things would
have been different.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-03-19 15:45:58 UTC
Is it really too complex to understand that it is ignominable hide a
**Carmen** from the public and then want **a Bizet** to just be around
wandering like a vagrant because one policeman was very amused? Carmen
was booed on its premiere, right? I have the right to market it any
way I deem fit then get royalties and other payments for any derived
work. I WAS in he process of registering in the Library of Congress
the pieces. I GOT two of the certificates and were also STOLEN. There
WAS a year long discrepancy in the post mail ALSO.

Why is it that Chinese two year olders are screaming hysteric that ...
was just called to Obama (called to, sic) and was going to be killed?
Who was called by whom and to what Obama? Such is every day, every
hour, in NYC.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J Bonsignore
2012-03-19 16:33:54 UTC
Obviously the policeman could not understand that stealing my hard
drive, portfolio and means of living was a Violation of my Human
Rights. Though I do not think current court meets the conditions to
handle my case, the same way I could not find the court itself when I
first tried in 2004-2005.

I am dealing with people who would care less if all music written so
far is wasted in exchange to hear a stupid simple bird... emit two
shrills... as if they were music or language or anything valuable at

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J Bonsignore
2012-03-19 16:44:31 UTC
Does that policeman can imagine the PROBLEM of not telling me WHO HE
GAVE THE DRIVE TO? I ve had to traverse my whole life and ask WHO knew
and how come.

I still THINK it was all a PLOT to besides include my family, the
policeman is so africanized despite wanting to be a historical German
that he committed a double entendre name confusion to justify stealing
the drive.

I called it the Holmesian: if you see this figure (event), what form
can the background have? Then you infer the figure of the background.
What I see is something like a dog that got hold of the ball and
clamped the jaw, it does not want to let go... let go... LET GO... and
after snatching the ball from the jaw it forgets about the jaw.
Otherwise it is a reptile or a very deep form of brain damage in the
person who is behind the theft.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-03-19 18:22:18 UTC
Do you understand I even visited a homeless CAMP in CA and NOTHING,
absolutely NOTHING was lost nor taken from me? I only suffered one
STRATEGIC theft by articulated schizophrenics, but no property LOSS.
But here... even deposits get STOLEN.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-03-19 18:19:58 UTC
Bravo Bloomberg! Are you sure you did not affect me with street
renaming? What if I NEED to get back some documents from an ADDRESS
and the address is no more and no longer exists and not even a trace
in maps? Have you seen how many DEMOLISHED buildings, CLOSED stores,
OPEN streets, CANOPIES the people who robbed have been leaving behind
my every attention interest? Now even a central library looks like a

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-03-22 11:38:52 UTC
BLOOMBERG!!! bLOOMBERG. U could not make a




Mr Giannone (DCA) just COULD NOT make ANY electronics dealer SELL ME

He claimed CITY legislation, Mr Giannone. He MAY have been substituted
by any other resembling man. Hindi are NOT forced to SELL if it is in
the WINDOW. You gave MUSEUM TAX STATUS to electronics dealers!!!!!!

Electronics -x not selling -x MUSEUM -x empty space -x
CHINESE SUTTON SOUVENIRS -x empty space -X cloth bouthique nobody will
go in ... -x ???

They will not respect prices. I offered 30 dollars to get it off the
display. He wanted THREE TIMES THE PRICE VALUE of the machine!!!!

I found another machine. I am willing to break the window to force
them to sell me the LAST ONE if it is so.

ASTERISKS=QUOTES)**(they)...(we)...(because he)... (we chased ((them))
the girls to BELGIUM and we finished them in Brindisi. Americans are
still saying ****What is the matter???***


Those Hindi chased MY BELINDA S to Belgium and KILLED THEM. Franks and
Belgians I am trying to protect as AMERICAN. One was seen by me
drunken by hand to EXCREMENT color Anthropoid. She thinks I am
beautiful, she laboratorist, ECA fencing off, but I dwarf (sic)

I NEED THAT COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
in my BUDGET RESTRICTION. Announced price, they wil not sell. Your
musicians are understanding (ATMOSPHERE SONORITY).

I am Einstein s grandnephew. Dead 50+ years ago. You do not discuss it
every day, tell every one, BUT I HAD!!!!.

Hey BLIMBERG, (Bloomby), (Blumby), we have TROUBLE ahead!

I can make this very serious (dead rethoric) but.. [SOMEONE WAKE UP]
it would be missed. Mabe.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J Bonsignore
2012-03-27 07:35:02 UTC
If I could buy a machine was because I entered a store I had never
before visited, money in had and took the first thing I convinced the
employee to show to me, with all the consequences I am suffering now.

Now I found another machine I definitely want, but in the window! They
will not want to sell. I want this to be a federal case, because the
city legislation seems has some arrangement with the windows and the
electronics store that is incomprehensible. Somewhere I remember
stores are obliged to respect the price they announce and to sell
their stock in exhibition for sale under conditions according to the
state of the good.

To answer the radio provocateurs, I do not want to procreate because I
do not think this place offers the conditions to have offspring a free
person needs. Draw your own conclusions.

The three places I visited today sickened me. One managed to provoke
vomit on pure selzer water and soda on a satisfied stomach; this one
almost sent me to the hospital with a ball of plaster in the hot
cakes, but they were protected by a senator in Veracruz, and the last
one accepted several nights a very sick man with pink skin that left
the place infected and even the employees looking pink and like silky,
but that was very pleasing to Africans though someone made the comment
of burning trash and a newspaper stand outside the fedex office as a
manner of fumigation.

I think I am the finest person, but it is this city that insists I be
like IT is.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J Bonsignore
2012-03-27 07:19:25 UTC
If I could buy a machine was because I entered a store I had never
before visited, money in had and took the first thing I convinced the
employee to show to me, with all the consequences I am suffering now.

Now I found another machine I definitely want, but in the window! They
will not want to sell. I want this to be a federal case, because the
city legislation seems has some arrangement with the windows and the
electronics store that is incomprehensible. Somewhere I remember
stores are obliged to respect the price they announce and to sell
their stock in exhibition for sale under conditions according to the
state of the good.

To answer the radio provocateurs, I do not want to procreate because I
do not think this place offers the conditions to have offspring a free
person needs. Draw your own conclusions.

The three places I visited today sickened me. One managed to provoke
vomit on pure selzer water and soda on a satisfied stomach; this one
almost sent me to the hospital with a ball of plaster in the hot
cakes, but they were protected by a senator in Veracruz, and the last
one accepted several nights a very sick man with pink skin that left
the place infected and even the employees looking pink and like silky,
but that was very pleasing to Africans though someone made the comment
of burning trash and a newspaper stand outside the fedex office as a
manner of fumigation.

I think I am the finest person, but it is this city that insists I be
like IT is.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-01 02:50:25 UTC
Bloomberg, you like this or you do not like it? The district attorney
is from Manama. Sic. An African is chanting he is throwing a woman
down a fourth floor, in the inside of the building and it is
believable. Channel 1 also speaks of the district attorney, like that.
Of course HE is hearing voices and of COURSE Chinese are killing and
it is people linked to me.

You mean that the mentally defficient psychopath on 23rd St sent a
very angered Belinda out of the place to a Chinese laundry two blocks
away so angered I could not rush as fast as her, to be knocked as soon
as she entered, before I discovered and explain why Chinese females
kill women because they DO? The knock was audible behind the door. It
was to expect that we would meet in the zone like... often, just when
I found Belinda too in the law school. I was visiting til my blue
laptop was stolen there. I think the laptop is in the building and
they have it.

I was assaulted _again_, my identification was stolen and only it.
Seven Eleven begun popping up around after my aunt went missing, it is
sprouting in places I considered meaningful, just like the
demolitions, closed stores, open streets.

You are running out of normal people, they will NOT get cured of a
mental disease killing another one, SUCH is the trait of the disease
ITSELF, to expect THAT.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-02 15:00:10 UTC
The Scissor mechanism in the JonBenet was... thread: New York City is
the PLACE where it can take place in full, or where European people
can be **cut**, filtered out, precisely. IT MATTERS to break such

This is an idea for a franchise business or business model/process. I
think it can be protected formally. It is meant for people with
personal libraries. People with a personal library suscribe to the
service. Leaving aside Human problematics... a team of
biblioteconomists from two to five helps catalog and capture in a main
database the personal library. Then subscribers to the service can
search for titles in the database and ask for delivery of the title
under a fee. The owner can take the book to predetermined delivery
services or the book be picked up home. The fee is determined by
several factors, but considering the scarcity of the title; en transit
books can be further catalogued and preserved if need be. The business
model works as a set of pools, all, the _owner of the book_, authors
(publishers) and the house get a participation from the loan fee paid
by subscribers. This is equivalent to a distributed public library.
Other book services can be marketed in other stages of the procedure.
The procedure and mechanisms can be sold to subcontractors as a
franchise while the main house provides the open computing services.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-03 01:31:43 UTC
That song, yellow submarine... rapapopeye, I think the hippie s music
can be transformed to assume its original form: the christmas carols I
believe were composed by an ancesstor mine.

Learn Law. Act it. Earn jail. (The judge was hearing voices so it did
not count...) 8}

I think I understood how Africans say astounded or awed interest: they
relax their eyes like in sadness. This is like the toted Chinese
secret gestural language of the Chinese secret societies, being in
fact the natural semantic and gestures of their species.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-03 22:10:47 UTC
What do you expect when the MTA homeless Africans in the Grand Central
Terminal already announced with glee I cannot meet my uncle Dr
Schelling because he died two months ago? And they opposed with all
their force that I would meet him or anybody else, so hard that YOU
are complying.

They did not steal a hard drive with games, they stole fifteen years
accumulated of original programming and you expect it to be just Gone
with the Wind?

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-04 23:28:15 UTC
If the hidden channel is not recognized, you hypothsize spy, treason,
magics, divining... so now you think you can hide X and think it was
hidden because you told nobody, but:

S = [N][M]X + e

is true! [N] is a matrix containing informationc coefficients for X.
Some people will have more information about X and its surroundings
than you think, others will have less than X. [M] is a matrix
representing the mechanism as 1/-1 transformations of informations,
where -1 means that some people will interpret things inversely. is a
measure of error that is always added to mean information entropy and
misunderstanding. S is the outcome of your secrecy or real secrecy
about your X issue. This can be conditioned to represent knowledge/
ignorance/discount of the hidden channel.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-04 23:35:33 UTC
Yes, I have to add that Valero-son was an Al Qaeda (al Caida). But
this is haphazard, he was one of maybe one solving math exams for a
bunch of twins and one who **I do not**, the one who looks like he has
four arms (probably a chimera somewhere...). So now I do not know...
Posts appear immediately but not in these threads anymore! And there
is more.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-04 23:19:09 UTC
BRAVO! Another electronics store going out of BIZNESS!

This is patentable. My SPA contribution. Feet Jacuzzi! It can be
raised or go underground at floor level. It features a tub with
orthopedic design feet size and a comfortable customizable chair
(optional). The tub provides feet services: templed water, pressured
water, scented water, water regime. A salt/scent inlet is attached to
the main water in tube to add salts and scents at will.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-05 18:41:24 UTC
Mayor Bloomberg! You have a PSYCHOPATH in your city! Another
supersuccessful and convenient place I frequented, closed. Arent you
scared that if I go to City Hall it would be shut down too? In a way
it already WAS, though they had to stop in just refurbishing, right?
But we already know what phenomena it is: some hallucinated feeble
mind wants to erase the hallucinations and prevent any other from
confirming them...

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-06 13:59:34 UTC
All your drinks adulterated, beers come full of urine but can come
worse, coffee with excrement, bottled water, dirty and fecal, sodas
not sweet, fountains mixed with soap. I have to fight unsuccessfully
to have a Hindi give me a SWEET iced tea, but they do not want to.
TEA. You see what is happening to this civilization? How was it
justified here? FASHION??? That s what you do to the DEFEATED AFTER A

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-07 14:33:49 UTC
That is the damned life message! YOU CANNOT STOP A GORILLA! That is
what biologicity without Reason would say: YOU, Human, CANNOT, stop a
GORILLA, because it is stronger... taller... bigger... masser...
rudder... stronger... STRONGER....! But we only need to BULLET (metal)
and the Gorilla is gone! PE RI OD. Yet primitive life has to deliver
the message. And we to show the solution WITHOUT BULLETS! Because it
is real life, symbolic.

This is a patentable DESING for a SCULPTURAL OPEN GALLERY (picture).
Is it a scultpture? It is a GALLERY! You can gallery works and
happenings in the **scultpture** for people to participate. School!
What about establishing a tournament within this gallery and win a NON
EXCREMENTED COFFEE in NYC??!? I think it IS perfect for the City Hall

The major Major? What am I supposed to do with such message?

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-07 19:51:28 UTC
Dont get confused! SCHIZOPHRENIA is INNATE and CONNATURAL to several
populations so they **think** that _NORMAL_ people... and a full
series of myths and misconceptions. Schizophrenics even think you have
to be awaken to *hear* otherwise you are asleep! Then they do not want
to hear and want to kill who *speaks*. That s a schizophrenic
contradiction, but normal people can see through even if synchronized
schizophrenics become dangerous.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-08 20:25:12 UTC
Nobody told Bloomberg they do not know they are STALKING? But the
PAVEMENT, the LAST ONE I SIT ON! The night after. I think that set of
acts is called vandalism. - There were tables the whole night in that
popular 24hrs plaza; they were just locked up and forgotten.

This is also a mechanism. The child is schizophrenic and is shouting
revealing what he hears from another s mind. The person he *hears* in
his mind is attacked several ways by schizophrenics til money becomes
an issue. He begins thinking about **needing money** and it is what
the child shouts. The parents are impressed! The child speaks money
and needs money! Will be a business genius! They do not understand he
is just *hearing*. The parents lobby and underwrite money resources
for the future business child. The person *heard* is vying for the
same resources against the sponsored child and loses. Now the
schizophrenic child has the money, sizable quantities of money
assumed to be spent very wisely by a natural talent that did not exist
and expectations going up. He ll be under unduly pressure to produce
yields but the grown up child no longer remembers, just keeps hearing
voices, is at most an average money mover. He ends up losing it all or
becoming a criminal or acting like a greedy miser. And meanwhile the
mind he *heard* just did not get the money and in the worst case will
have to fight for each idea against the schizophrenic boy with the

It is OTHERS who hear voices OVER/AROUND somebody s head. That person
knows NOTHING: that is my experience. Being *heard* and suffering what
others *heard* on me. Schizophrenics want to shut up those voices but
they can only **see** the point of expression, not the point of
transmission. See why it is so easy to silence up those voices if they
can kill the ones who know nothing and cannot tell what others *hear*
on her/him? While leaving the noxious roaming voice free somewhere...
It is why most schizophrenics get confused and believe-disbelieve

Titanic was the nickname of a banking programming project I did not
participate in but was constantly sinking last decade. It reminds me
of the first computer robbed to me (after the intrusions and crashes).
I think those guys are becoming relevant and are nearby so references
to Titanic become fashionable.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-09 00:40:44 UTC
There WAS a contact in advertisement companies from university times,
but they have been very busy finding and exposing all my possible
relatives without understanding that I know the couples but I have no
way to locate the advertisement company because it does not announce
itself. No guarantee that people know or understand or remain alive
after some undated picture appears where I can see it! The contact is
most likely schizophrenic. It IS a kind of trade secret to know which
advertisement company leads which campaign for which company! That
person is SO interested that I do not meet my female relatives that as
I complained in the JonBenet thread it was so important the NO that
she ended dead in the news and I isolated!

I see there is no way to leave DNA samples in stock for any interested
party to perform analysis against and then decide...

Such and such building do look abandoned. It is to fear no one was
left alive and porters if any only assume far proprietorship. There
are conditions for such massacres to be very successful. One
sufficient condition is to have a schizophrenic policeman aware of the
situation. It is enough since the policeman is no dumb! If the
situation he is aware of is real, he would be mad if he throws himself
into it to end up dead! While if the situation he believes in is not
real, he again losses if he acts where there was no crime being
committed (TV search warrant problem). He cannot send other police
mates either: if the situation is real and the other policeman does
not return, he might be charged as accomplice, while if he sends
someone and there is nothing happening, he appears as instigator or
unduly spying. A policeman appearing in the scene might end the
situation without fully stopping it because then it is just paused,
unconfirmed and the policeman will believe it is not real. In these
cases the massacre proceeds successfully even with police support. The
solution is relying on third parties to report but in either case the
police _losses face_, either literally (!) or metaphorically.

Can you see how perturbed the situation is? A rational mind is being
imposed over unthinking schizophrenics trying to assimilate it and
going through acrobatics to hide it, such as impersonating, stealing
my computers, bodily changing, etc. On the other hand I have to cope
with what schizophrenics do and how they react to what is being heard
over my head and I do not know. The situation is not symmetrical. It
is a schizophrenic inversion (of terms).

Wincing eyelids as expression of interest in Africans is easy to
understand. They have less intellectual capacity, technical conditions
show it, but being **interested on** implies drawing more brain
resources toward the _focus_ of interest to process it. One automatic
way to achieve so is by reducing the visual field by distending
eyelids so that the visual cortex receives less information, leaving
more processing power for smell and hearing and *hearing* and to
process the information received. The way eyelids distend is inbuilt
in the definition of anthropoids, reducing the visual field is
automatic and reinforcing. See that in Humans having eyelids half
closed (distended) means relaxation, properly the contrary; when we
express interest eyes become wide open, otherwise they express
disinterest or relaxation. This is a consequence of color, Humans
being very visual cortex oriented with more resources dedicated to it
and better trained, while Africans rely more in other senses, also
because of color and its influence in the visual cortex state.

Other expressions and situations act the same way. In sadness eyes
half close as grief overcomes and is specially processed (usually a
retrospective to the sad situation or a double assessment of the sad
situation). Surprise on the other hands leaves the eyes wide open
because the brain needs to acquire as much information to process the
surprise. Being very interested in music in Humans is expressed by
closing eyes! So that visual information does not draw more attention
that the audible and emotional input, while in Africans it also shows
as _interest_: eyes half closed, unfocused sight, hence many attitudes
and comparative attitudes in musicians...

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-09 00:54:06 UTC
I did not change this nickname. It is my prerrogative to choose a
nickname! It is my prerrogative to keep the real one-word nickname
hidden, for Human searches only! It is my HUMAN RIGHT TO BE INDIVIDUAL
AND HAVE IDENTITY, not a mess with who knows who.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-10 02:24:01 UTC
OLD? But he was not living here, only VISITED. He did NOT EAT here,
nor WASHED here. Though he was later given a quesadilla and we did not
know what I discovered HERE about CANNIBALLY and COPROPHAGY. And other
Voodoo techniques, to give them some NAME.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-11 06:09:08 UTC
MCDONALDS. McDonalds. You have my COUSIN sculpture in one of your
24 hrs a DAY in Chambers St. Your A F r i C A n CASHIER CLERK goes
hysteric! HYSTERIC. She wants to rush me out OUT after purchase. I am
writing it here NOW.


(She has to clean. The restroom is BARRICADED.)

What is WRONG WITH YOU, McDonalds!??

I want to spend here TWO HOURS: an internet session at least. The

I am AMERICAN. I LOOK CUSTER. I have a RIGHT to be here after purchase
and lead my LIFESTYLE as if I was not in a JUNGLE!!!!

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-11 07:45:43 UTC
So, WHO exactly do you say castrated Lu is Bi strain? And Ma am
oldened him like a granny... Or is he still stalking pretending to be
my mother, in NYC? Unless... It was a cashier who told me, I remember
she visited and watched us... I thought American Horror was Movie, not

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-11 13:44:24 UTC
Now it is understandable why myopia is so prevalent, AND an **American
trait*: when you squint, you tell Africans you are _interested_. It is
an **egg or hen** situation, or maybe rather a SOUP situation?

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-12 14:04:20 UTC
trust in who? saying that my texts are not mine and that my music no
because some musician did no like it but will not give it back to me?
It was not a spurr of moment, it was accumulated music since 1980.
SOMETHING happened in music in circa 1980?

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-12 13:50:59 UTC
Mr Bloomberg does not see it very ALARMING that his policemen are
sacrificing women? I do not think those policemen were purchasing in
the Whole Foods supermarket. They came out at the same time I walked
down the stairs, but I have to close and wait for the computer before
backpacking it. Coming out one woman delivers her message. Children
messages are clearer and screamed, adults s are mostly suprising and I
do not pick them up well; none wants to repeat when I asked them. They
had just sacrificed one of the cats. It is a confusion, in my slang
CAT is sinonymous of (some) maids and maid. They sacrificed her
because she truly wanted to see me. I was upstairs in the saloon.
Other people made several comments I of course did not understand,
mainly YAs (finally...). Then it was confirmed by a totter that there
are many maids and I am very stupid, and one of the midgets shouting
that she INDEED wanted very much to see me. Going to the library I
find a child s book with the missing link between my aunt and one of
the characters, Camilo, (Camilla, a system too...), dropped like at
random where I would find it... and then the girl who seems to be the
son of AO and a girl whose name I cannot remember from my first
university days, though... It makes me think tha the one who was
sacrificed was AO in the supermarket! She was **...you see what they
did to your aunt, but...**. One-of my aunt-aunts is now a retarded

I think it is very ALARMING! To be WAITING AS I AM the VISIT of some
KNOWN woman of my family or LIFE but those policemen think... that
they think when they DO NOT. What exactly did they do in the
supermarket??? There _IS_ a SoulCycle store of sorts in the coner
UDNER the saloon. There is an emergency exit. I did SEE once a
Nortegno man with hat who seems to have one of those stereotyped brain
damages and is a murderer, going in with a Belinda and then... I
documented it then. I think the man is in AON. I truly do not dare use
the emergency exit even if I ve seen many using it, particularly after
one subject seems to have stopped receiving emails in the other

NO ONE feels alarmed if I claim that the notes stolen from me are more
valuable in sum than the company of Mr Bloomberg, and NO ONE is trying
to recover them, much less the police (documented)?

This is a weather model (anew) investigation statement of principle.
Assume that zone Ai over a ball s surface produces change W in zone
B1, not necessarily contiguous. Can we paint (partition) the ball into
A zones such that the whole ball or a minimum of Ai zones produce
desired W* changes over the full, whole ball partition into Bj zones?
(With probably a few zones left unmanaged in both A and B sets).

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J Bonsignore
2012-04-13 20:12:09 UTC
Popular Mechanics: they launch a rocket from an airplane but did not
consider pointing the rocket AGAINST the AIRPLANE FLIGHT VECTOR? No
weird turns, no self aiming...

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-14 14:46:52 UTC

Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-14 14:51:36 UTC
I have the picture of what I posted, no longer downlowded and is not
showing up here. You must be Arabs, left hand with no right hand...
You think all those Africans can survive if we get rid of automatic
cashing machines, FOR INSTANCE? I can post it again because I can
remember IT.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-16 15:51:47 UTC
When some song said **One school ruled the World**, I saw the
Stuyvesant high school go from a very American stream of darlings to
an Afroasian river, but the song meant my school ESPCM. I am still
uninformed, the school yearbook was shown in Leno recognizably in
2004! With some mockery, in that picture the photographer made me
squint against the spotlight. The phrase triggered right away the
fears of... who is against **ruling the world** that they had to act

The last posts lost did not show up. They were about Jack Dorsey (...)
and also how the Wright brothers expose the same patterns.

One cash machine I centered my attention on, _realized_, is just gone
from the pharmacy. I think it is the first cash machine I ever see is
taken away just like the metal bench.

I cannot stand it, THEFT is not in me, it is primitivity, assumes and
denies what animals cannot do: own and commerce.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-17 02:40:41 UTC
HEY HEY HEY. New google groups still trying to download the lost
posts. It breaks the fifth (or fourth) (literary) barrier. I thought
Dorsey was a neighbour! H

YES. SweeT Dreams, she was a makeup Artist (Katz) and **found** me.

Danilo JBonsignore (variation)
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-18 01:55:56 UTC
Sorry, lost the idea I had in the park, it is depressive and very
setback to lose posts here while being there.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-18 08:54:18 UTC
The failure of rationality in America is unredeemable, it defeated its
own tenets letting another State do its convenience unbound here. I
begged to find the woman and keep her alive if she was not already
dead because there was a criminal hunting behind, but as if I had
asked to paint semaphores in red stripes. I was left coping with a
stampede of Indians and the same thieves of the last eighteen years
plus all the noises they generated no matter how direct or deep my
expositions were. No way the territory will sank in the waters but in
terms of meaning, a total loss in wait of more decay.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-18 14:33:13 UTC
How many Chinese you let in in Microsoft that this system Win 7 is
even worse than the previous version, eh, da Vinci? Still going
through dissections? Or you lack the inquisitiveness of Buonarroti but
would be pleased in covering him up? This is a well informed rage

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-18 17:54:02 UTC
Making Android is triviality. I am that kind of programmer. Such is
the kind of schemes I had in both computers stolen from me. Then what
was the budget they counted with to force these situations for the

Ignorant psychopath, it has been 250 years learning production occurrs
at the minimum possible cost, independently of how much _you_ would
spend in it because _you_ do not know _HOW_.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-18 18:53:28 UTC
You cannot control a self control process, you only discontrol it.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-19 14:34:27 UTC
Downtown Alliance, I already have a well documented detrimental
incident. This time I try to connect for a no access connection, then
the router changes to a second router SSID, splash window follows,
click button... and the connection fails and reverts to the first
router. I suspect the router has now my MAC ADDRESS but is connecting
from SAME IP but different COMPUTER. That s impersonation. They can,
for example, establish ownership through MAC ADDRESS in some website
while having control of IP and connection, then try to claim this
laptop as theirs...

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-20 00:38:26 UTC
~ ~ ~ ><7D (You know who they are).

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-20 17:01:20 UTC
WOW, the ***@metro.us account is now an unknown user!

Again I have a scene in the B. Park library for using the RESTROOM.
Their argument is that the single cell is tagged female, though both
cells are identical otherwise and the other one was free. They knocked
five times and called an ambulance and the police after I had spent a
whooping total of three-four minutes inside! Today I was not allowed
in the place though yesterday I did went back to spend some hours
emailing... though it is people there who are very full of very
specific remarks for me. Incidentally same had just happened in the B.
Park port restroom! Janitor came out of a door in time to not let me
into the restroom. Schizophrenic, he would claim supervisor, Luis but
I think it was a lie. That same day I went to a similar multicell
restroom in a paid place and nothing happened, nothing at all...
despite the five hours I spent in that place (not in the restroom!).
Of course I ask for all two janitors and two librarians mental cases
to be transferred to where they will hear less voices or at least
nothing about me at all. I can cope with the children shouting my name
and the mothers asking for explanations and the assorted men making
remarks (even found an ex professor asking me about a common contact).

Do not play fool. I have at least three mass murderers, their families
and more documented as being around me, plus more than one torture/
murder case... but I am still here. Hearing boys shout reporting while
someone speaking Spanish is still inventorying the programming code
they stole from me with the help of corruption (brain corruption but
not mine, that is, or is there any other kind of CORRUPTION?).

(Under obviety, obviously, point to the obvious, eh?)

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-20 17:16:04 UTC
That TIMER code. Win 3.1 had 16 timers at most. The app was meant to
harness, monitor and serve (under DDE protocol), the system timers so
that one application would not fail for lack of timers. The interface
was very nice and colorful, but Win95 had better services so I
abandoned it. The code was in the turbo computer and in a crashed hard
drive and probably in a set of backup disquettes, more than one, no
longer under my reach... It may still be useful once maintained.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-20 20:12:59 UTC
With three or four serial/mass murderers and their families around,
all children and teens who may be my kin were advised to act weird and
avoid and flee from me while the mothers are not here, but they told
nothing, no pictures shown and THAT has to pass as a very intelligent
decision? That s crazy. By whom? I do not have the schizophrenic power
of **diving** and sticking to the next idiotic name I get to blame it
for everything.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-20 20:13:57 UTC
Bloomberg, I think one of my booklets of notes stolen from me is worth
more than your company. Though I was robbed of seven, in between every
day call to solve a criminal problem.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-20 20:33:21 UTC
I keep telling people I uncovered the effects of cannibally and
coprophagy and how they are used, and _people_ still try to convince
me that X or Y are the effects of anything else BUT cannibally or
coprophagy, when besides those are the simplest explanations no matter
from how many angles you see the ... non existent possibility? Eh?

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-20 21:16:41 UTC
... A surprising consequence is that if squinting eyes deliver the
message of interest to Africans (and we can expect to be
reciprocated), then the squinting eyes of corpses, half closed
lifeless eyes, will also convey the same message to Africans! Africans
are naturally attracted to death bodies! Under the delusion-impression
that the corpse is actually alive and _interested_. This fact is
reinforcing several other similar phenomena, like the need of
Excrement Color Anthropoids to understand death (and excrement, fish
in the water), zombies, stories of life after death, etc.

(was the post on squinting lost? squinting is deducted from another
model post in this same thread)

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-21 16:10:43 UTC
I told Lionel Carrasco that I would have biometrics ready in three
years, in our next to last meeting, but he just kind of lost eye
focus, looked like he was being woodpecked in the back of the head and
did not reply but by turning to a side and speaking of something else.
What I just found is not really surprising though serendipitious, and
it does reinforce my cases.

Laiza was 16 years old; save Claudio who was more my mother s than
mine, the youngest cat was eight years old. Felida was eleven years
old. I cant remember what happened to Pipistrella, she was the second
oldest cat, but I did find SOME pictures of MY cats in the internet in
the process of becoming casualties. While a few seemingly were brought
HERE, dispersed without my knowledge and taken away after they
recognized me. But of course I must have some very serious MINDS
around, EH? Want to see the PICTURES?

How come I look a little bit like the figure in the ten dollars bill?
Or was it twenty? ... 8\

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-21 16:57:58 UTC
Children tots just keep announcing the deaths.... and then go ahead
and hear the next voice explaining the death. They mention people
probably of my family or who know me, everything was at ease til last

America is in the process of not having existed at all.

I think the federals can let a media company sink, period.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-22 02:07:59 UTC
This city group of cretins gave permission to all people to mock and
to these women to come and play hard and distant when they represented
my intimacy and privacy. That woman has nothing to do appearing there
suddenly with an African of Central American type to ignore me when it
was I who called for them with good reason. Her immediate death was
just announced more than once by the usual shouts and passing remarks
in the street. I am not sure if I met her as Belinda, only she is not
the woman I am looking for, but she was in the relationship. This
situation just keeps repeating but I am the only one who thinks of it
as abductions.

Africans had to be slaved before the spreading of electric light.
Without electric light, their presence is just too dangerous for us in
the nights because they can thoroughly hide in the shadows and move
stealthily without being seen. White in the eyes is not enough, I ve
seen them with yellow eyes washed in excrement. It is ironic that the
framework that gives this statements is consistent with the same
electromagnetism theory that freed them!

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-22 16:38:27 UTC
Right after the last post there was a patrol rushing along the street
were music was heard, then a firemen scene one block from their
station on the same street.

Schizophrenics are finishing all the people who knew and were
coherent; now homeless and schizophrenics will be full of repeated
meaningles phrases and nonexistent words, mixes slangs, guerrilla
calls vs John Jan and will still refer to me because they forgot about
Lu is Bi strain. It is said that the strategy is Paniagua s. And they
keep hearing voices anyway. But you cannot place mental health squads
in the streets not even for the homeless and Africans. He did not hear
well, they still think they can make it pass (to me) as if they just
made them out, but they are repeating what they head in their minds
from other confused minds.

Whole Foods just had here in the same live radio the same musician who
has my score notebooks and plays motives from them. It is a Canadian
company, maybe they can help finish the Spizer payo (?) case, because
I could not find who organized them nor who they are. The score
notebooks were intruded and stolen in the period 1980-200? One was
missing. I would NEVER tear a page. You know, Like those three-four
notes that is what people will buy? Though it is clear to me that they
DID *hear* me playing and studying and do remember my motives and
themes and experiments. I just thought that maybe Beethoven went self
deaf so that his detractors would not say HE was *hearing* when in
fact THEY were *hearing*; since he composed by construction... They
would not have the score to sound translation automatically and got
the surprise(s) in the concert hall

Using psychics and schizophrenics as testimonies to decide this is
like appealing to sorcerors and magicians because a physicist
astronomer spoke.

I think the DEA should be disbanded and reformulated. I found a
picture of Nixon where he looks pachon, he had coprophagous or
cannibal food or both, which in the principles I found make people
fatish and very smooth. And it was an African secret only for the top
of the world, of course. I do not know his experience but whatever
changes he experience, Islam right away convinced it was the effect of
marihuana and it had to be forbidden. I found links between Nixon and
one schizophrenic Lu is, in pictures. DEA agents would not only be
confused by the DEA Bethesda but would all share the same side effects-
false cause ideology and turned into schizophrenic popular characters.
Basically Lu is is still opposed to me and he has a contact to DEA so
it must be biased. They would totally ignore the effect of Portugal
and its revolutions.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-22 17:32:13 UTC
Bingo! An impersonator in Chicago! It is a documentary on crack. She
says: **I causes IVA and I code and people believe I only compose
trance**. Cannot save the video, it can be redubbed after this post
mail. IVA means IVA in Mexico, I was worried as a child about my
mother filling income statements because I did not see it was very
steady, so I asked myself what about charging... when all... purchase?
(not exact words). Then saw it was a good idea. Few weeks-months later
IVA was announced, within the same memory period. I did not pay much
attention to the **coincidence**, the idioms were different... The
code part obviously comes from programming, I do think a lot about
coding despite being a misnomer. The trance part is also true though I
did not really did trance music... not exactly, doing it. Chicago is
the city my mother lived when young and she DID tell me she had LOTS
of trouble and problems... just like I am having now but of different
kind, of course. She was rescued by a semi religious association we
were contacting in 2000+/- but I could no longer find a way to contact
them before my communications went broken in 2004.

I have not been in Chicago, MANY people (Africans) there will think it
is _I_ INDEED. They will go as far as... killing to sustain their
belief, but it is all words in their mind only. Whoever transmitted
that is a real schizophrenic and anonymous impersonator.

They did not understand, the system is very complex albeit formed of
simple pieces at the lowest level. Probably the IVA part was relayed
and I was not heard directly by that particular person. (Right? B.
Park librarian?)

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-23 02:50:37 UTC
VERACRUZ: I am your enemy. What happened to the twenty to thirty
Indians-Turks who were beginning to outpour down from the rooftop and
everywhere? One located me half continent away and he DID steal a
videogame, Clash DS. You already owe me mother, aunt, girlfriend,
children, cats, computers, books... and I only went there to wait for

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-23 12:35:32 UTC
Hey Bloomberg! My account in gamefqs dissappeared! The session was
closed. The password is not being sent back to the email account.
Maybe I was ajust about to make a contact. Arent these REPRISALS?

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-23 12:44:37 UTC
Help me disband a massacre by massacrating? You had no idea who were
the sides nor why. That is so schizophrenic that it is no joke, I NEED
PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER HEARD ANY VOICES. And preferably not the Chinese
Islam that you think America is. Telepathy and schizophrenia is not
the same: telepathy is to *speak*, schizophrenia is to *perceive*, and
both are NOT CONNECTED. Only nominally.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-23 13:45:19 UTC
HEY, remember that I have been steadily face disfigured since I
arrived in NYC and THAT was the warning I gathered from meeting the
Homeless that would be done... by the Homeless. Now I have to update
the picture were I was exposing the disfigurations, to ADD MORE.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-24 14:53:45 UTC
I am not helped at all by hiding Belinda nor by faking her death nor
much less by hurting her.

Carol Woyjtila was raised not by his family but by a foster Turkish
family. I think CAROL was a name to my grandfather as BELINDA is to
me. The pattern is typical, he acquired the name Carol from the mother
while in another family. I think the Turkish Woyjtilas are my problem
the same way the Princip were trouble to Franz Ferdinand.

Gringo means Northamerican Air Force type: **Grin... GO!**:
parachuting. The expression was in my house since before I acquired
conscience. I think it comes from the Palo Alto Xerox laboratories in
the late sixties or early seventies, but Africans here changed its
meaning to the contrary.

Africans KNOW that IDENTITIES cannot be proven. Therefore, CITIZENSHIP

I lost no less than seven ideas yesterday because of the same
constraints and the dumbness of almost the same people.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-25 15:38:30 UTC
Lu is Bi strain is the Suffolk county police prisoner in the
Amytiville massacre case. He looks like a natural son or nephew of
Nixon, with a woman of the type of my missing girlfriend! The
Amytiville killer is schizophrenic and was directed by voices like the
ritual assaults while I sleep I keep complaining of. So indeed, Lu is
Bi strain was hearing voices and started acting weird. It is Africans
who convince such people (through voices, of course), that the way to
get cured is to waste the MOTHER, my girlfriend lived threatened! I
explained it in a previous email. Should I continue? Lu is Bi strain
was the excuse so that I do not... when I just begun knocking doors in
NYC. By implication it is he who was supposed to get support, not I,
and even use my name as cover! It was still a trap, because of the
double entendre mechanics, but the idea was sold forcefully that I am
still called Lu is by people who knew all along, and it would NOT

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J Bonsignore
2012-04-26 14:04:52 UTC
Holland fell. We ll have no way to avoid falling into medieval Chinese
Islamic communist no matter how much Human technology we develop
because the problem is ideology. People think this is a joke or
trivial but it is the best science you can achieve after 500 years and
the internet, assimilated. And it is just the beginning.

Bravo Bloomberg! Seems that your government finally pleased the
terrorists, illegals, guerrillas and other psychopaths you harbor as
homeless in Saint Bart s and Trinity and Bowery and other such
gatherings because you cannot simply pick them up in a bus and deposit
them in a concentration camp to do forced labour. I may be in need of
a medicine the type that cost thousands of dollars and can only be
injected. I do not need 1$ clones of aspirin, but medicines it seems
the USA is not even able to produce anymore, in case I can convince a
doctor of medicating it without tricks, so that schizophrenics do not

I understand the Amytiville case is a mystery, massacre and ghost
story providing good business but I need that ghost picture to be well
investigated. It is not clear to me, the picture seems later, but the
case features the Lu is killer, a Catania, a neighbour s lookalike, a
Valero s **brother**, maybe more. The boys passed as victims and ghost
do not quite match. I think the ghost corpse in it was the first Jorge
Catania I met in his birthday party. I noticed it partially in the
party, maybe another boy who turned to the side also noticed it and
commented it, something happened but it was what Indians, Arabs,
Chinese and other coward (noradrenalinic?) schizophrenics would fear.
I did feel that the next day and other times it was another boy but
could not explain the hunch. The first JC was also a carrying field!
He was substituted by a schizophrenic version because otherwise some
schizophrenics would not know what to do! Two carrying fields met and
aligned and that breaks some dispersion algorithm conditions to
generate entropic mass schizophrenia. The Scissor mechanisms would
have been disabled and there would have been no **Men of the Girl**
and their method.

I passed through the Var gas burglary, the Var gas chase, an apartment
siege, a provincial bus trip, service from a power crash, the siege of
a gang , an embassy visit, thieves in the subway, a bus trip
throughout a country, a military outpost, a border crossing, a rented
rooms house, a bus change in its parking lot, a cheap neighbourhood
cheap hotel, a homeless shelter, a slum, a campament shelter, a far
small warehouse, a populated hostel, an inner city hotel, a church
shelter... with nothing happening worse than a sabotaged soundcard,
but as soon as I speak with a policeman in NYC my hard rive is STOLEN
and I am supposed to say it is OK? Eh, Bloomberg?

Only to have it stolen by a policeman and delivered to WHOM?

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J Bonsignore
2012-04-26 17:40:37 UTC
If you mix all colors in the palette you get GRAY, GRAY, not something
luminous nor interesting, GRAY. You have to keep them apart and
distributed and ordered for oolors to be interesting or better.

Lu is Bi strain appeared again, now much older and white bearded. So
if I just keep telling it was several twins, how come it was not
identified? If he knows nothing why wouldnt it not stop and say hello?
Why should I have a doubt I know him if he had been identified? He did
not stay. How many are there that will act the same? Why should I be
in doubt?! It was a an act of malfeasance, first defaulted in the
first funds raising event, then he obstructed and defaulted again.
Already two with convicted pictures and another relative lookalike...

That is why they HAD to force an arrest just for sitting on park
benches, otherwise the case would be totally against them! If my aunt
had a degree in international relations, if she had been successful in
international mediation, if my girlfriend was seeking another such
degree... how come those policemen had to come and remove me from a
bench in front of the UN for no reason but with motives of robbing me!
For the second time in the same precinct. Before some facts became

I think I understand the reasons why Nixon (Nix on: the Muslim tenet
of obstructing sex as weapon strategy) created the DEA, but would be
long to explain here.

This time it was testosterone in coffee, smelling garlic.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J Bonsignore
2012-04-26 17:46:34 UTC
This is not downloading!!! These obstructions are called mafia: to
obstruct productive work. It leads to the inefficiencies of cartel and
monopoly, loss of income, savings and taxes.
Are You a Programmer?
Openings in Arkansas-Apply Now! Relocation Paid-Great Pay-Benefits


Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-29 02:32:29 UTC
Hi Bloomberg! You could not control all those radio musicians! It is
them who had that TERRIFIC plan that if they managed to rob me, chase
me, incommunicate me, get me nude, hungered, isolated, change my skin
color, blind me, put me in charity, maim me, dirty me, leave me
dressed, unbathed, unkempt, resurrected, sick, drippy, balded, gray
haired, face changed, lost, kicked out, unnamed, confused with others,
celibate, convicted, silent, thirsty, drunken, anonymous... B3CAUSE,
they are famous but anonymous, very good but not very good, not just
musicians but only musicians, real good but real mean, knowing me but
not knowing me, on my side but unacknowledging, poor but rich, rich
but poor, working but having fun... because they are connected 24 hrs
a day everywhere I go but know nothing about me so I can only keep
sending emails constantly... THEN, they would be able to speak of me
GROUND GROUND GROUND... ... Apple. ... Add a resistance, probably a
rectfifier and who is the BATTERY? Where did you say is the anthena?
What for this circuit? Solve the system and you ll find who I want, I
think. Triplets.

Do you think I would not support myself on the women in the house and
get a personal assistant, general manager, Human Resources head and
later host and secretary/receptionist, on my own resources????

The restroom graffiti says 26 bathtubs. I understand, I have a
picture, whoever it is he wanted to tell her that those smells were
remote nose and smell hell. But I already knew, why do you think I m
used to shower daily?

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-29 10:37:04 UTC
Oh! I have to THANK NYC for providing me this WONDERFUL chance to
live, enjoy, first-third degree kind encounter with ALL KINDS of
aberrants, perverts, deviants, criminals,
terminal cases, mental cases, psychopaths, sychophants (too),
chronically diseased, crazies, lobotomes, criminal bosses,
lunatics, terrorists, guerrillas, sectarians, Muslims, fanatics,
mobsters, gangsters, rastah, Homeless, Africans, Chinese, Hindi,
Arabs, Indians, shamans, satanists, anarchists, plagiarists,
and other such individuals, and be totally unable to GET OUT OF HERE.

But I could develop nice theory, eh? As if nothing could come by
invitation or even self interest in a second party..

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-29 20:25:25 UTC
So who did you give my works to? To the Veracruzans? Arabs? Chinese?
Turks? Oaxacans? The Var gas es? Your policemen kept them for their
family? To Africans? The next imbecile with a fake ID and a
schizophrenic formula? The thieves I mentioned? To some charity

You were not taught in school where the worth of value comes from? Do
you think all this is worthless and nobody should offer something for

Are you being extorted? I was one of the foreign interests abroad
Americans use to justify so much. Then what happened HERE?

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-30 11:27:38 UTC
And Winter went on...

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-30 11:36:42 UTC
I found Manama. It is in the menu of one Restaurant on the Av, it has
a branch in Bahrain. It is clear someone passed by just like me, read
the menu, got surprised with the reference and transmitted the word.
Since thereon that voice was identified as Manama by whoever *heard*
and pass it on til it was another mind construction being pushed by
Homeless and other schizophrenics in New York. Person, ideology,
thought, republic, directives, all identified by/as/under: Manama.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-30 15:23:33 UTC
And Winter went on...

Homeless agree they could not sacrifice Bush.

Someone just snapped and accused in the Terminal. My laptops were
taken by San Gonzalez. The other name of Luis Bistrain was John
Bonsignore. Then he changed his name to Luis Bistrin. The theft of my
laptops is current affair in the terminal, but the police reported
them as **lost property**.

Did you see you are ending even with computers without keyboard?
Couldnt they think of something better like for instance... 8D

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-30 17:38:14 UTC

And I do have the economics to understand what being built means. It
is not being built, none of it. Irregardless of what they were not
supposed to be able to build; but I was robbed.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-30 17:47:01 UTC
I am sure it has been PERUVIANS who have been applying their
**naturist** bioterrorist lore, preferentially over voodooists, on my
person, against my will and almost without my knowledge til I begun
theorizing, since at least when I was 23 years old. Beginning with
early white hair, stopped for years...

Danilo J Bonsignore.
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-02 02:45:56 UTC
Who do you think conceived the browser? Apple basic, 1980s, make
paragraphs flow with RIGHT$, MID$, LEFT$... And who do you think looks
like the pictures of Franz Ferdinand? Not I, but who do you say
programmed the browser? And exactly what mother of mine propagated my
loose sheets, underlined carpet diary and...? Or where they intruding
my room and that is why I would go into maelstroms every time I needed
to find something I was thinking of? How do you think it feels to find
there are 60 mothers who are your mother? Do you think my mother(s)
would treat me like an adult EVER? And now who do you say dispersed
them and how many casulaties?

What is David Lazcano doing as secretary of defense if I ve been since
2004 responsabilizing him and the woman, for not giving me news nor
explanations about the dissappearance of Belinda? I think yours was
one of the vegetables, the Salad, of whom I met only Yogi Berra,
maybe, under a different name. I would not locate them but my aunt did
give indications. Is it the same David or just another identity
confusion because you could not aim at the core of this commedia?

Hillary Clinton, you just did not understand my mother! I just
remember, she and my aunt talked to you several years ago, but now I
cannot ask either! You would not remember, my dim memory tells me it
was when we had decided it was convenient for me to leave Mexico and
start high school here. Homeless in the Terminal even wanted to lynch
Davidov because they were blaming him I was not here before, but I did
not seek that help. Werent you around at the time? Are you being
extorted by one of those tricks too because I was better business
outside the USA than here fighting for my RIGHTS? You did not
understand them and that was the conclusion of the affair, in the mid
eighties, before there was any Belinda or stolen code or 9/11 or
economics or... though there were already some musical themes around,
right? No one noticed how the musical tone changed since 1980? On?

Are you the same Hillary? They were not wasting Hillaries too, right?
To sustain a sustained theft... Neither the USA nor Mexico nor Italy
nor Russia nor Britain nor no one cared that all my mother, aunt,
girlfriend, daughters were being hunted and wasted when it was I who
wanted to gather because of that set of pictures! But indeed it was a
Hillary and only now remember it. Something to do with the Arqui? I do
not even remember why it was you to call, but it gave the attempt for
over and think of something else, but I was a minor then, strictly

Again I cannot hold on to the memory of what I could not write real
time for lack of a place to connect. It is a LOSS and no one is
recording it, are they? Heck, I cannot even hold on to a PEN without
SOMEONE complaining about IT.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-03 02:06:20 UTC
Hey Hillary Bloomberg! Are you sure your group know what they are
doing where they are? Do you think your neighbours interest_ more in
the next election party election? They are more interested in placing
a semaphore in a leisured street WHILE they have one out of five
families making noise since the XVI century, genociding them girls
because they hear/not hear/do not speak/did not understand !!!

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-03 01:59:41 UTC
GHOST TOWN, New York City!

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-03 01:46:01 UTC
(Just remembered it! The people underneath me were of Peruvian
descent! Who did they attract?)

Your session has expired, please try again.

If you believe this is an error, please contact - I am mystified about

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J Bonsignore
2012-05-04 11:00:59 UTC
Who exactly did you say determined bin Laden was bin Laden? Was it
through voices or more solid ground? Because disregarding the
communication channels and motives I see through these theories, it
does seem it was very convenient to stumble Valero and imply my whole
generation and all ancillary people thereon. Truly, I did not expect
them to be SO brutos.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J Bonsignore
2012-05-04 19:59:17 UTC
Ay Clinton, you begin to look like Portillo s **psychic** in the China
Daily, Chelo or Jambrina (RIP), last seen, her daughter likely, in the
OWS McDonalds around the time of the shooting, when there was still a
stream of Belindas in the place and I thought it was witness
identification or witness protection (because of the computer
intrusions, hacking and computer thefts). I am not sure if it was
after or before tyhe federal plaza floor was burnt, or something like

The USA NYC is a regimen of terror! Most people condoned disposing of
the Belindas. Anyone is nominally entitled to use my name. The
argument is if they *heard*, it is not mine. Most people seemed to
have *heard*! And cannot name who it is... Did I tell you the Belindas
were the genetic strains of the Greek Muses? I did, in emails to a TV
station, though by now they were considered nuisances! What matters
most is to not *hear* anything. If someone convinced her that she was
my aunt or my sister, no wonder the relationship ended abruptly! She
was even confused with being my mother! Because of that culture of
pseudonymality and double entendre... Consensus is the moment just
passed... though of course it is people who still *hear* something and
no longer necessarily me. I am still being tried to be defined as
Chinese or nothing. People I contact seem to be brought here right
away! Though it may just be an illusion.

I already said so, when homeless get extra BREAD, the Mexican PAN
party gets JOLTS.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J Bonsignore
2012-05-04 20:36:09 UTC
[SORRY! I thought it was ERITHREMATOUS LUPUS but it is in fact
VITILIGO, the disease that Africans use to turn themselves light

I told people that the plan was to change faces to change identities
and it was the discussion of Homeless and their schizophrenic
techniques. I did not choose to find myself among so many mediums
(bespoken, ataraxic) beings discussing Lu is Bi strain and the
techniques to change faces and perform other favors... Plus the
automatic (layered) mechanisms in mass schizophrenia discussed in a
previous post. Not that all people are against it, mind it, but...

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-05 05:32:21 UTC
A woman just pased hysteric, she felt a death, she wants to speak with
fulano because he just lost an important woman in the life and he
expects to find her in La Vie so fulano ought to go back home.
Promptly a leisured African leaves everything in this office with
similar announcement that the woman was given oil and goes out to
chase her like a heroe. Is it not a foreign terror regime? It is I who
is involved but am still waiting for a reply from responsible
authorities. NOTHING, has been enough to convince ANYONE in eight
years of stopping that criminal terrorist attack, but NOTHING. I
already had my significative encounter today but no restitution of my
tools to act effectively to solve the problem. Have you heard of
problem solvers? Like me?

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-05 20:38:44 UTC
So Comanches are still after Custers? Actually they look Oaxacans,
indeed, or Chiapanecans (Zapatistas).]

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-05 20:34:14 UTC
Yes! I found Hambrina (Jambrina, Chelos) ancestry! It is... Comanche
Indians! The same ones who went against Custer. It also features an
uncle s ancestry (governor) and a not-grandmother s ancestry

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-05 20:37:37 UTC
[Kosower Ondewer, purely spureous, a child s linguistic exploration,
bit it matched!]

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-05 20:31:27 UTC
Super Bravissimo Bloomberg! Yet Another Electronics Store Closed!

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-07 13:53:06 UTC
Wasnt America all about this money and that money and that other money
and this money here and income and donation and for campaign but not
together, this from here, that from there, all independent sources and
uses and no relations nor mixes between lest anathema? How many you ve
sent to jail for a common account? I have the concept of
independence... then WHY are my private and public and music and
programming issues mixed everywhere and I can think of nothing here
without someone pushing the issue there? Touche, that attitude is an
evident contradiction in terms. So What did you say happened to _that_

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-07 23:21:28 UTC
- Ha ha ha, you want me to commit no errors?
- ...
- But you drink

Bravissimo, another store gone and another store lying not to sell to
me. Fortunately found a THIRD store and did not get what I need nor
want but can use.

Bravo INDEED. Brava parola. Bravo. And other coincidences.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-08 02:11:13 UTC
Spring just came on.

SECOND TIME I have to post this, it should appear RIGHT AWAY. They
think they are better because they are *HEARING* this in their heads,
but I have been thinking of it since yesterday, two days ago, the day
I posted the first part.

Hey Bloomberg! Do you understand the MECHANISM? If they are in
between, I have to go and insult an elephant to see if it ramples on
the **lion**.

Cuantas Belindas hay todavia vivas, eh? Sigues ahi? Te das cuenta que
cambiaste un Mundo por un mal plan? O de plano no hay ya forma de que

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-08 02:20:01 UTC
If they are SCHIZOPHRENIC, they do not FEEL, nor can be conscious of
consequences. That is why Nietzche spoke of neither good nor evil:
there is none of it, not even cruelty, like incomplete mechanic
beings, the link between actions and the EMOTIONAL FEELING of the
consequences is severed. Lack self-feedback, feedback comes from other
place and is unrelated. They act automatically once set on their path
and expose their Nature. This can be simulated on normal people, of
course, by sheer pressure. Now think of beings schizophrenic by

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-08 02:28:01 UTC
normal people do NOT have a need to do THAT against other PEOPLE. I do
not need to intercept nor steal accounts from others to be self
satisfied. That is the problem with natural law, if you are not IT or
are schizophrenically SICK, you cannot UNDERSTAND what is OK and what

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-08 02:30:21 UTC
It is store employees who tell me it is MEXICAN JUDICIALES who think
they OWN the United States and have been acting against all people
they want and can. They do not know that in Mexico JUDICIAL is
synonimous to CRIMINAL, and that is how middle class people understand
it. They were in a HOTEL. They had facilities to hide BODIES. No way
to warn ANYONE. No will by this CITY to CONFIRM ANYTHING. But it is
becoming known fact. Employees are beginning to speak very freely.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-08 02:22:00 UTC
On May 7, 10:11 pm, "Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic"
Post by Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
Spring just came on.
(Oops! I wrote this first in a chat session with a suspicious J
Srinivas who did not understand neither poem nor matter. Maybe an
Eliza program. But the first post here did not show up. Sorry if they
cannot write poetry, they are just THIEVES and NOTHING justifies what
they are doing, not even their lives.).

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-08 02:05:56 UTC
Spring just came on.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-05-08 08:32:09 UTC
I still have the IMPRESSION that Khomeini was calling _Fabrizio_ in
those typical CIA-mediated videos. It was typically aired during the
Carter Hostages Crisis on TV, with subtitles and anchorman comments,
simultaneously, the CIA message being _they_ did not know if audio was
dubbed or not! Do you have any Jim Worm among them? There was a
discrepancy between (probably Spanish) lips movement and the Arab
archaic translation. I was mesmerized.

I remember Hussein when he was home. My not-grandmother would speak of
the general and his **mostacho** (moustache), saying he was my nephew,
in the typical grandmother sudden acknowledgement of the small child.
He eventually sat in the two chair-table corner next to the door,
under a hand painted cherry berry blossom round mural. I inspected him
alone, closely, and said MOSTACHO, INDEED. My grandfather looked
worried and sad then. I would come and go, but...

The Shah was sit in the living room and left alone for a while. The
General was sit in a two chair table near the door and acknowledged
properly. The Ayatollah could not visit, He was too busy coping with

I can bring in more memories. But my grandfather was stubborn that
Arafat was making a real Russian raucus. NO, I am not Arab.
Zabludovsky knew how to handle his news while my aunt was titled in
International Relations and I was hating her Communism vs Capitalist
texts (read surreptitiously escalating her closet), for being so

INdeed, FUZZY, if you overimpose fuzzy categories (under some abstract
scale), how do you integrate the quantities...?

Danilo J Bonsignore

Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-18 17:43:23 UTC
Making Android is triviality. I am that kind of programmer. Such is
the kind of frameworks I had in both computers stolen from me. Then
what was the budget they counted with to force these situations during

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-18 13:08:41 UTC
Who did not understand that the fairy tale couple was Belinda and I?

Now it is a problem of positive identification and I need to know the
names and faces of the men who messed with the women I already
mentioned and a few others because SOMEONE has made money off my
computers and used it to force THIS.

Danilo J Bonsignore
Fabrizio J. Bonsignore syntotic
2012-04-18 13:55:00 UTC
You think one of those absurd slanted eyes fish in Human form you call
Chinese, if they are extinguishing rhinocerous to try a piece of bone
as aphrodisiac, would not pay BACK American money to get a piece of
the next American beauty s LIVER? Or any other part. As medicine of
course because the (secret...). As analyzed I think it is one of the
personnel attached to the embassy in mexico city in the seventies who
has been very active forcing this whole mess.

You need more statements like this one? No one is asking them...

Danilo J Bonsignore